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Company name: Broadway Pacific International Logistics(Qingdao)Co., Ltd.
Company address: two Zhangzhou road Qingdao City, No. 19 International Building room 1502 building A
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Ocean Shipping

A full range of shipping services, have the most experience and highly dedicated team of the sea, have good professional knowledge, from program design, confirm the price, booking, shipment tracking, to provide safe arrival, FCL, LCL and sundry goods global service for customer.

 Import and export container booking delivery: booking information with the shipping company by electronic transmission to ensure the accuracy of booking; to achieve door-to-door transport of goods.
 import and export Pinxiang services: import and export straight fight the world more than 30 ports, and transit inland.
 Special cargo and dangerous goods transport services: for all kinds of large, complex cargo to provide optimal packing, reinforcement and transportation services, the provision of dangerous goods booking and transportation of goods declaration.
 Tiehai, Jianghai intermodal services: through railways, rivers, to achieve inland port cargo one-stop transport.
 cargo transport insurance services: to provide a variety of trade under the cargo transport insurance.


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