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Large opera fashion show "Shandong TV" Dayu Huashang has nearly three years in Australia, South Korea, Peru three countries show and won a great success, our logistics service provider as the only arrangement of the performance materials on time safe transport, because the show is different from the general commodity trade in goods is. Temporary import and export goods, and has tight time requirements, material variety is complex, door to door transportation terms, have very high demand for professional services and undertake the transportation.

All performance materials from the customer warehouse, the entire transport performance until the end of the performance of the country, and shipped back to domestic customers warehouse, by our professional staff full develop and implement transportation scheme in detail, and properly solve the series of problems in the process of transportation:

1.ATA document declaration, ATA documents are not currently using the electronic customs declaration system, but also the need for customs manual release, operating procedures and general trade customs

2 because of the complexity of material varieties, varieties often reached thousands, including some local customs requirements of the commodity, such as blankets, lamps, we advance through communication and consultation arrangements for the successful release of all goods

3 time high, performance was confirmed in advance of the time, material requirement must arrive safe in the day before the performance, we arranged to meet the requirements according to the demand of transportation, in three performances, two shipping, a cargo, all within the stipulated time arrived safely in performance.

In this year, the President Xi attended the APEC meeting in Peru, our company is responsible for the transport of goods by the performance of the successful completion of the "Latin American" the perception of opening ceremony, many foreign friends have China the quintessence of traditional opera - shock, repeatedly praise, even see two, I missed as a material carrier business, we also deeply proud of it.


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