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The following is the basic port of European routes:

European basic port: HAMBURG (Hamburg), ANTWERP (Antwerp), FELIXSTOWE (Felix Tor), SOUTHAMPTON (Southampton), ROTTERDAM (Rotterdam), LE HAVRE (Le Havre)


European route:

Europe is in the eastern hemisphere in the northwest, West Asia, Europe as Chinese, EU Chinese as one of the three largest trading partner, the European route plays a very important role in export shipping. As our booking agent MSC, YML has a strong foundation and professional freight shipping services in Europe routes in particular, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co, has low tariffs, port, shipping, voyage short, destination services and other advantages, is the first choice of European routes. At the same time our COSCO EMC NYK H-SUD and other shipping companies to maintain close cooperation, the shipping companies also have their own originality in Europe route, I believe that your request, there is always a freight shipment can meet.

African routes

African routes in the shipping industry is divided into East Africa, South Africa, West Africa, North africa.

There are main ports in East Africa

MOMBASA Mombasa in Kenya

DAR ES SALAAM Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania

The two port is the gateway port in East Africa many landlocked countries are through their transfer.

There are main ports in South Africa

DURBAN Durban in South Africa

CAPE TOWN of Cape Town in South Africa

PORT ELIZABETH Elizabeth in South Africa

South Africa is a relatively rich country in africa. Export to DURBAN&CAPETOWN two port or go to the capital

Johannesburg goods so many the affiliated owner is also a lot of South africa.

There are main ports in West Africa

ABIDJAN in Abidjan

Lagos Nigeria LAGOS in exergy LAGOS which include the Papa APAPA and a TINCAN two terminal in tincan

TEMA in Temajiana

LOME Togo in Lome

COTONOU Cotonou in Benin

The basic point is the five West African ports but the other plus the partial Hong Kong West African ports have a size of 20. Exports also accounted for the majority of Africa's entire route. The owner is also affiliated West African ports with more than more than and 10.

Australian airline

The Australian airline refers to the Australian national port and route, Australia has a coastline of 37000 kilometers long, located in Australia, east of the Pacific Ocean, west of India ocean, between the South Pacific and India ocean, consists of the Australian mainland and Tasmania island and overseas territories. The Pacific Ocean the Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea to its East, West, North and South three facing India ocean and marginal sea, the coastline is about 36 thousand and 700 km. It is the only country in the world that owns the continent. The main port of Australia line: ADELAIDE (Adelaide), BRISBANE (Brisbane), FREMANTLE (Freeman Ritter), MELBOURNE (Melbourne), SYDNEY (Sydney).

South Africa route

South Africa is located in the southernmost tip of the African continent, the geographical location of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and other small countries into the South African line. South Africa including South Africa on line east, South and west of the three India ocean and the Atlantic, South Africa line is located between the two ocean shipping hub, the geographical position is very important. Its southern tip of the Cape of Good Hope route, has always been one of the world's busiest sea lanes, there are "maritime lifeline of the west," said. South Africa's most famous port line: DURBAN (Durban), CAPE TOWN (Cape Town), PORT ELIZABETH (Port Elizabeth).

Our route of South Africa, and NDS/KLINE/EMC/MSC/MSK/SAF/COSCO/PIL/CMA owners long-term close cooperation, to fully understand the guest to make accurate recommendations for acceptance or the freight shipment.

South America route

Collectively, the Route South America line to South America, including Mexico, the Caribbean and the West Indies and other parts of southern North America region, the. In the classification of international shipping routes, usually including South America East, West, South America, America routes in the Caribbean route.

The Caribbean and Central American routes are made up of smaller countries below the United States, Columbia and Brazil, and the Panama Canal is the closest route between the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. Usually go to the east coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean goods from the. The basic ports including MEXICO CITY (Mexico City), MANZANILLO (COLON FREE ZONE, Manzanillo) (Ke Long), LA GUAIRA (CAUCEDO, La Guaira), PUERTO CABELLO (Saido test) (Cabello), KINGSTON (Kingston), PUERTO QUETZAL (San Jose), GUATEMAL CITY (Guatemala).

South East routes mainly by: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, three countries. South West routes mainly by: Columbia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and other countries. The basic ports include: BUENOS AIRES (Buenos Aires), SANTOS (Santos), MONTEVIDEO (Montevideo), BUENAVENTURA (Buenaventura), IQUIQUE (Iquique), CALLAO (Callao), GUAYAQUIL (Guayaquil), VALPARASO (Valparaiso).

South American routes, Division I and MSC, COSCO, HMM, APL, EMC, CMA, MSK, SAF, HSUD and other owners of long-term close cooperation, precise grasp of the owners in the service, voyage, freight rates above the advantages. Torgovnik


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