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Qingdao Yirong international logistics company, logistics industry well-known brands, over the years has been to refrigerated freight transport professional service in logistics field. With the professional logistics team, to provide customers with efficient, simple, low-cost logistics solutions.

As one of the first batch of Chinese NVOCC, is the national Ministry of Commerce approved an international freight forwarding enterprise, main shipping container cargo, LCL cargo shipping, bulk cargo transportation and ocean export and import services. Prime is MSC, COSCO, TSL, booking agent EMC, YML, CMA, K-LINE and other companies, have perfect service network in domestic and overseas, can provide booking, customs clearance, customs, customs clearance, inspection, warehousing, insurance, and other one-stop logistics services for customers. Our freezer is mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada and other countries, with many mainstream Prime Shipping Company's cooperation has been more than 10 years, it has established a solid foundation for prime. Divided by trusted carrier to provide customers with strong competitive prices and services.


Weifang Shenglong Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd, is our long-time customers, customers of fresh vegetables are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, exports more customers, customs inspection is more complex, especially land trailers, trailer every time we go to three places to five local loading. This is us a headache, it is a difficult problem for customers, each shipment went to a different place with different vegetables, a container packed a variety of vegetables, the customer is a headache for many of the land price and the loading, the team felt more trouble, the price is the price we have to do the minimum service to customers to do the best. The main driver is not willing to accept the money, the first cargo is too heavy, the second is Anqiu, Jiaozhou, Laixi, Gaomi, Shouguang and other places, usually installed in a container for two days, at present our own professional team to customers very satisfied, not only the low price and good service, can get the trust of customers, customers booking in all our things entrusted to our agent, just give us a Zhangtuo single, we will give customers the perfect do all in one service, from the port of shipment to the port of destination booking customs clearance, we must timely tracking of goods timely feedback to customers, allow customers to get the latest news. Secondly the main customers to the box to make more stringent requirements for each shipment to the port of the box requirements must be seven to ten days, and for the refrigerated container is a bit difficult, because the destination box is normal Three to five days, every time we are doing everything possible to apply to the customer, the ultimate owner to help solve the. Thank you very much for a long time customer trust and trust us, prime for each customer to be meticulous.


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