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With the popularity of vehicles, tire demand has been increasing all over the world, including china. Shandong has a Luntai base in Dongying, so Shandong's tire exports have been among the best in the country.

In view of our tire because large amount of goods in the light, many shipping companies perennial for special offer big ticket goods name, packing for customers to reduce the transportation cost. In the industry has been a high degree of recognition and praise.

Tyres and other large equipment tires, we provide top service tire gauge. Export of professional reinforcement.
According to the tire customers. We provide a lot of extension service station, a special tire warehouse in Huangdao, the supply of customers warehouse workers for possible period of want or need, different types of tires with different packing techniques, to ensure maximum customers a number of container tyre. Thereby saving cost.

In addition to some special countries and regions of the needs of customers, to provide our service set of tyres, workers can do 3-4 different types of tire sets together, for customers to save the port of destination customs clearance costs and export transportation cost.

In addition, I also for the major clients to develop the overall logistics program, project bidding. With our years of professional experience and efficient service to customers around the world to provide one-stop service to the door.


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