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Special case

Case analysis: large logistics


Yantai City, a large machinery company, out of the United Arab Emirates Dubai machinery and equipment 3, as shown in figure:

Name size weight number

Mechanical body A-1 10500mmx2400mmx2800mm 6500KGS 2PCS

Accessories A-2 2500mmx1000mmx1900mm 3500KGS 4PCS

A-1 A-2

The goods is expected in January 2017 9 Japanese goods, goods on deck, avoid direct sunlight.
Delivery address: Yantai City, Fushan District Fuk Road No. 168.

Please provide logistics solutions.

[pallet analysis]

We can summarize the following points in the inquiry:

1, the supply is in Yantai City, so we choose the export port of Qingdao port, and then arrange the goods to the wharf trailer will land.

2, the port of destination is the United Arab Emirates Dubai.

3, as shown in the table and figure, we need to choose 2x40FR and 1x20OT:

1x40FR 10500mmx2400mmx2800mm 6500KGS 1PCS

1x40FR 10500mmx2400mmx2800mm 6500KGS 1PCS

1x20OT 5000mmx2000mmx1900mm 14000KGS 4PCS

4, delivery man in Yantai great machinery company address Fu Hai Lu Fushan District of Yantai City No. 168

5, good time is January 9, 2017, we choose the change after the date of shipment, such as the January 12th -17 between the schedule, ensure sufficient time to arrange the trailer, and customs clearance.

[with the owner's inquiry]

After analysis, the following information:





Tank volume: 2x40FR+1x20OT

Size / weight / volume:

1x40FR 10500mmx2400mmx2800mm 6500KGS 1PCS

1x40FR 10500mmx2400mmx2800mm 6500KGS 1PCS

1x20OT 5000mmx2000mmx1900mm 14000KGS 4PCS

According to the pallet we target the owner: COSCO/WHL/YML/APL, then we will make the content of the above to the owner, owner's reply, the ultimate choice of a cost-effective owner, for example we finally selected COSCO.

Assume COSCO reply:

USDXXXX/40FR OWOH +LOCAL 1.21 on the front of the direct vessel in the CY/CY

USDXXXX/20OT IG +LOCAL 1.21 on the front of the direct vessel in the CY/CY

In addition, we will confirm the Trailer Trailer fee, assuming the trailer fee is RMBXXX/40FR OWOH


Communication with the factory specific loading time, assuming January 11, 2017, at 9 a.m..

[make logistics scheme]

Ship owner: COSCO

Date: Saturday, January 14th

To plant time: January 11th at 9 a.m.

Quote as follows:

Ocean freight: USDXXXX/40FR; USDXXXX/20OT


20OT THC 895 station 200 port miscellaneous 125 VGM 30 Trailer 1800 to 1800-- according to the cabinet for lifting

40FR THC 1343 station 400 port miscellaneous 215 VGM 30 Trailer 5500 to 1800- according to the cabinet for lifting

500 100 - 100 warehouse booking documents according to the ticket charge

Other expenses reimbursement.

Price validity: January 21, 2017

From the analysis of the case, special boxes need to inform our inquiry: shipper / name / size / weight / good time and so on the necessary information so that we can confirm to the appropriate price.
We will analyze the goods according to the size and weight of the container to provide the most reasonable scheme, to ensure that customers arrange transportation to preferential tariffs.

We provide customers with one-stop delivery: door / station / reinforcement packing out of gauge goods in Hong

Kong and other services

Ensure all services required by the customer.

Ship owners, I Division agent COSCO, KMTC, WHL, CMA, MSK, EMC and so on the comparative advantage of the special case of the ship owners, to ensure that the first rate, to provide customers with high quality and low price service!

Our goods have to undertake the production line, pole, boiler, the airbags and mechanical equipment, automobile, steel, steel rolling and so on, here is the photo of reinforcement:


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